Business Registration in the Philippines 

       We are providing business support relevant to Philippine business registrations with various  government agencies. Foreign companies can register their business in the Philippines in the form of branch office, subsidiary office, domestic corporation, representative office, regional headquarters and further register them with other local government agencies requiring registration in the Philippines.

         Our team are group of lawyers, accountants and business advisors in the Philippines with full expertise in the field of Philippine Business Registration and Formation. We have a proven track record  in the registration of various businesses in the Philippines from multinational firm to medium size and new entity who  established their business presence in the Philippines.

         With the use of our online facility system and business connections, we can instantly reserved your business name in the Philippines and register them in a short period of time.

          Aside from Philippine business registration, we are also providing support  to maximize the tax incentives being provided by the Philippine government which may require further registration with Board of Investment (BOI), Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and other government agencies.

        It is our main commitment that by supporting the foreign and local companies  in Philippine business registration and properly guide them from the start will also help to boost the Philippine economy and its people.

           Having a business legally registered in the Philippines will take at least a month or so. The work to be done takes serious effort and commitment but once the Philippine company registration is complete, it will surely be worth it. This site will walk you through the step-by-step procedure on how to register a business in the Philippines and you will be guided on the different requirements that you have to secure as you carry on with Philippine business registration.

        In having a local company registered, the procedure is simpler compared to Philippine business registration of foreign companies. If you wish to sign up your foreign enterprise, you may do so through the following type: subsidiary, branch, representative office, regional headquarters, regional area headquarters or domestic local corporations. Each kind has its own benefits and incentives therefore you have to study all of it carefully. 

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Registration of Foreign Companies in the Philippines

       Business in the Philippines is currently thriving because of the improving economy. Because of this, the number of businesses being established in the country keeps growing annually. Foreign companies who would like to expand their business in the country need to undergo Philippines company registration or business formation. The difference in terms of Philippine business registration process is minimal but knowing what to expect is essential for establishing Philippines incorporation.

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